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Volunteers Week 2020

Volunteers Week is an annual event celebrated on 1st June -7th June, recognising the contribution of volunteers across the UK and an opportunity for organisations and communities to say thank you for their commitment. In addition, it is a moment for organisations to promote pathways into volunteering in the local area.

While official activity for Volunteers Week 2020 has been cancelled for this year due to the current pandemic, it is still important to appreciate the volunteering work that continues forward despite the setbacks and restrictions in response to Coronavirus. There are also those people who have undertaken the opportunity to volunteer during the pandemic to ensure all residents and communities across the UK are able to receive support and resources when needed.

Volunteering can provide a wide range of benefits not only for the community yet also for your own wellbeing. It can be positive for your mental health, boost confidence, able to gain new friendships and increased networking, and gather new skills and experiences. Many volunteers are motivated by wanting to do good, improve things in the community and help others. Volunteering is also valuable to the UK economy, contributing on average around £23bn each year.

Interested in volunteering? You can find resources below to find volunteering opportunities in the Sunderland area and wider North East region.


Published: 29/05/2020 by Rachel Lawson