Sunderland Compact

The Compact is the agreement between the government and the third sector (such as independent voluntary organisations, charities and community groups) which outlines a way of working that improves their relationship for mutual advantage.

It offers improved funding processes, clear consultation standards, enforceable rights, and an overall improvement in working relationships.

In Sunderland, a Compact agreement has been developed between member organisations of the Sunderland Partnership and the Voluntary and Community Sector, called the Sunderland Compact.

Sunderland Partnership

Bringing together public, private, community and voluntary sectors to work together for the benefit of everyone who lives in the city. Recognising that organisations cannot achieve everything on their own and that by working together we can be stronger together. It's what partnership working is all about.

Become part of the Sunderland Compact

All organisations in the city (voluntary, community and public sector), are invited to sign up to the Sunderland Compact.