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International Strategy Group

This is the first International Strategy for Sunderland, developed collectively by members of the Sunderland Partnership. It seeks to ensure the opportunities and benefits of international engagement are maximised in all areas of the Partnership’s activity.

The International Strategy will ensure International engagement supports the Sunderland Partnership in achieving its vision for Sunderland, maximising the opportunities and benefits for the City. This will be achieved through work in a series of key areas:

• Forging strong links between the local and international business community – to maintain and attract further international investment, and support local and home-grown businesses to access global market places and compete internationally

• Including an international dimension in the City’s educational and cultural activities - to increase knowledge and understanding of other cultures, develop welcoming and inclusive communities, stimulate a sense of global citizenship and build the skills needed by employers operating in a global economy

• Developing, and exchanging, good practice within international partnerships and networks - to build knowledge and capacity within Partnership organisations and improve services

• Engaging with EU policy-making and legislation – to influence areas which may impact on the City, and identify opportunities to implement EU policies and initiatives which will benefit Sunderland and its residents.

• Raising the profile of Sunderland internationally - to influence individuals and businesses in their decisions about where to live, work, visit, study and invest and to support the ongoing development of the City’s economy.

  Work is overseen by the International Strategy Group.

For further information on the International Strategy Group please contact Catherine.Auld@sunderland.gov.uk