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Health and Wellbeing Board

The Health and Wellbieng Board is a statutory partnership established by the Health and Social Care Act in 2012.

It brings together partners from health and social care to establish priorities for joint working in the city.

The Health and Wellbeing Board has to:

  • produce a joint health and wellbeing strategy,
  • undertake an assessment of the health needs of the population (Joint Strategic Needs Assessment) including a pharmaceutical needs assessment and
  • commission HealthWatch for patient and public participation.

It also has oversight of the Better Care Fund, which integrates health and social care in the city.  

The Health and Wellbeing Strategy establishes our vision to have the

Best possible health and wellbeing for Sunderland

….by which we mean a city where everyone is as healthy as they can be, people live longer, enjoy a good standard of wellbeing and we see a reduction in health inequalities.