Sunderland Supporting Equality

Equality Forums

Inclusive Communities

The Inclusive Communities Group is part of the wider Sunderland Partnership. It comprises a wide range of partners including representatives from the Equality Forums. Its role is to work on issues relating to community cohesion, community engagement and equalities, allowing communities to have a voice.  Its aim is to:

  • remove or minimise disadvantages experienced by people/groups with protected characteristics, or other groups who experience disadvantage, where possible;
  • take steps to ensure respective organisations are meeting the needs of people from protected groups;
  • encourage people from protected groups to participate in public life or in other activities;
  • tackle prejudice and promote understanding.

For further information on the Equality Forums please contact: 

Black Minority Ethnic Network

The Network ensures that Black Minority Ethnic (BME) community concerns and issues are recognised by the wider Sunderland Partnership.  It promotes partnership working between, within and across communities and identifies funding opportunities for the BME voluntary and community sector in Sunderland.

Disability Independent Advisory Group

The group comprises people with a disability, people who are carers and others  who have experience of disability issues.   Some members represent disability groups or care organisations but independent members are also welcome.  Together they help the DIAG to work to best practice and to be aware of issues that may occurring which in turn helps partners to be more aware of important disability issues.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Equality Forum

The Equality Forum are work towards the creation of a more cohesive and visible LGBT community within the City of Sunderland by working with partners and organisations, public and private, in developing initiatives that will enhance and safeguard LGBT people’s lives, ensuring their inclusion in all aspects of life.  They raise awareness of LGBT issues in Sunderland.

Influence and effect changes in behaviour and culture and challenge homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, or any associated negative attitudes and behaviours within the city.

Sunderland Interfaith Forum

Sunderland’s Interfaith Forum aims to facilitate inter-faith exchange, communication and understanding amongst faith groups in Sunderland.  It promotes inter-faith working to promote tolerance, understanding and knowledge of inter-faith work in communities to tackle potential misunderstandings.